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Reduce stress and frustration, while promoting clarity of mind

Barbara E. Savin   

Clinical Hypnotherapist / Energy Healing Specialist / Guided Imagery 








Reducing stress and anxiety encourages peacefulness and relaxation. It promotes clarity of mind, heightens self-confidence, brings added joy to your day, as it improves your energy, vitality and physical health. Allow yourself to feel complete and happy again!

It may sound too good to be true, but positive changes like these - and more - are the natural result of healing and balancing your body, mind and spirit through Energy Healing and Clinical Hypnotherapy. 


Energy Healing is based on the principle that our state of well-being is affected by subtle changes in our body's energetic system.  When our energy is blocked or unbalanced it can cause illness, depression, distorted perceptions and repressed emotions.  Clearing blocked energy restores natural energy flow, resulting in feelings of peace and harmony. When our energy flows freely throughout the body we enjoy vibrant health and vitality.

The goal of energy healing is to discover the possible causes of blockages, recognize the patterns they create in your life, and then allow yourself to let go of the root cause.  This allows the body, mind and spirit to regain their natural balance and wellness.  As a result you feel clear, centered, lighthearted and enjoy a renewed sense of purpose and focus.

The possibilities for improving your life in this way are endless.   



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 Benefits of Energy Healing and Clinical Hypnotherapy:     

* Dissolve energy blockages that prevent you from experiencing a happy, healthy life.

Clinical Hypnotherapy with guided imagery is a safe and effective mind/body therapy that can help optimize wellness.  Many of our daily behaviors and emotional responses are triggered by thoughts that we may not be consciously aware of.  With hypnotherapy you achieve a state of deep relaxation.  While in this state, you can access subconscious thoughts and replace the unhealthy or destructive ones with thoughts that promote positive habits and healthy changes in the body. This can help you to create lasting positive changes in your life through positive thinking and reinforcement. Guided Imagery involves using the imagination and mental images to help promote relaxation, changes in attitude or behavior, and encourage physical healing.

Energy Healing and Clinical Hypnotherapy with guided imagery are powerful resources that can help you to overcome troubling challenges and take greater control over your life.

Barbara can help you to understand and acknowledge the issues that are holding you back, making it easier for you to free yourself from destructive life patterns, toxic energy from other people, negative behaviors or deep emotional blocks.      

(see Guided Imagery CDs)

* Clear inner and outer obstacles relating to money, relationships, career, low self-esteem, co-dependency, stress, depression or other emotional issues. 

* Detach from other people's issues that impact you negatively. These energy attachments can cause unpleasant bodily symptoms like fatigue, pain, stress, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks; and if they are allowed to run rampant they may eventually contribute to disease or illness. Examples of energy attachments may be: traumatic experiences from your past, unresolved betrayals or rejections, and toxic relationships.  Through energy healing and clinical hypnotherapy, Barbara can help you to release this stuck energy, which will also clear the mental and emotional strain.

* Feel better about yourself emotionally and physically. Want to stop smoking or lose weight? Barbara can help you to release destructive tendencies and achieve your goals. We all have emotional blockages - and clearing them should not require years of therapy.









Barbara Can Show You How To:

* Replace self-doubt with self-confidence.

* Replace stress with inner serenity.

* Enhance your level of self-awareness.

* Express yourself without fear of rejection.

* Increase your level of prosperity.

* Release emotional eating or other addictions.

* Wake up every day feeling positive and optimistic.

* Improve mental clarity, memory and concentration so you feel emotionally light, relaxed and stress free.

      Together, we will discover what your blockages are and help you to heal on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

      To those who seek healing on all levels, I wish you love and light and welcome . . .To Your New Beginning . . . Barbara





















Contact Information: 

Call or write to Barbara for more information. She will explain how hypnotherapy and energy healing work - and clear away some myths about them.         

If you are interested in learning Energy Healing (individual or group classes available), or would like to schedule a session and experience the wonderful effects of Energy Healing and/or Hypnotherapy - or just to talk about its valuable benefits, please contact me. I would love to hear from you.

Telephone:  805-390-2915  Email: 

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Barbara Savin is a Certified Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapist, Energy Healing Specialist, visualization and meditation instructor, and author who has excelled in many business settings throughout her career.  

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